Cyber Security

Cybersecurity services providers offer a range of solutions related to the protection of computer systems within an organization. Also known as computer security or IT security, cybersecurity is a constantly evolving industry created in response to hacking, viruses, and the various other threats to personal and professional data.

Cybersecurity providers offer expertise along the three stages of business cybersecurity: assessment, protection, and remediation. Businesses are encouraged to supplement external cybersecurity solutions with IT security software, and a number of services providers offer cybersecurity tools in addition to services. In addition to cybersecurity, there are a variety of IT outsourcing services that can address your company’s information technology needs.

Service Catagories you can look for :

Security Information and Event Management

What is it?

Security information and event management (SIEM) software give enterprise security professionals both insight into and a track record of the activities within their IT environment. 

Why you need It?

It combined security event management (SEM) – which analyzes log and event data in real-time to provide threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response – with security information management (SIM) which collects, analyzes and reports on log data.


What is it?

If your network is connected to the Internet, you can create a security barrier, called a firewall, between your network and the Internet, to make your communications across the Internet more secure.

Why you need it?

A firewall forms a barrier between a secure, internal, private network and another, nonsecure, network like the Internet. Internet users can be given permission to connect from the Internet through the firewall to gain access to data on the company’s existing systems, which are available through the internal network.

Service Under Fire Walls

Web Application Firewalls

Web application firewalls are a common security control used by enterprises to protect web systems against zero-day exploits, malware infections, impersonation and other known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities.

Perimeter Firewalls

perimeter firewall is a firewall installed between a private network and other public networks, such as the Internet. A perimeter firewall controls all traffic between the internal network and other networks.

End Point Security

What Is It?

Every device(can be any mobile device ranging from laptops to the notebooks of today) which can connect to a network poses considerable danger. And as these devices are placed outside of the corporate firewall on the edge of the network using which individuals have to connect to the central network, they are called endpoints. Meaning endpoints of that network.

And the strategy you employ in security these endpoints is known as ‘endpoint security’.

Why You Need It?

As you can realize, every device which can connect to a network poses considerable danger.

To solve this problem, enterprises have to secure the enterprise data available on these mobile devices of their employees in such a way that even if the device falls into the wrong hands, the data should stay protected.

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